• Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Improve time management
  • Increase personal impact
  • Exercise greater assertiveness

We can design bespoke courses. Here is a selection of some of the solutions we already deliver:

Creative Solutions:
This event offers new perspectives on solving problems. A practical approach to accessing creativity and imagination more freely, tackling problems by producing a wider view and better ideas that will contribute to business success.

Many myths surround this vital area of influencing. Learn a few strategies to make you teams behaviour more assertive.

Personal Impact:
For people who want to present themselves with impact and get their message across. No matter what your situation, it’s you that can impact and influence others. Learn to strengthen personal impact.

Make The Most of Your Voice:
Everyone has a right to be heard, but often our voice prevents us from having the effect we want. People instantly make judgements about us, based on how we sound.  Experience expert tuition offering practical ways to make your voice count.

Time and Goals:
What happened to a healthy work/life balance? For most businesses, time is money which is why so many employees feel on an endless staircase, under pressure and burnout.  Avoid the uphill battle by getting the most out of your time management and goal setting.

Emotional Intelligence:
Research shows people who are more emotionally intelligent are more effective in delivering results in their organisations. We all have passions but whether we are able to access them and express them in the right way is a craft that can be developed. Develop your emotional intelligence.

 If you would like outlines for any of these workshops please email us at info@maynardleigh.co.uk